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My role Set & Costume Designer


caird Theatre, RWCMD. 2022.

Shook is set in the classroom of a Young offenders prison. This is a naturalistic play, so my focus with this design was authenticity and detail. The aim of the final design was to provide an unstimulating, enclosed environment to deprive the audience of anything interesting to look at except for the actors. The characters in the prison have only each other to keep themselves entertained, there’s no distractions or excitement from their surroundings.The set is angular, empty and without any softness. It’s “safe” in a regulation way but devoid of any care or warmth. 

I visted HMP Sheppton Mallet as primary research for this project.

My role Set & Costume Designer

The Wonderful World Of Dissocia

Conceptual Design Project 2020.

Project Tutor

Patrick Connellan


Emma Baggot

Photographs of 1:25 Model Box